World Bowls, Trans-Tasman Triples

by Norfolk Island Escapes

Norfolk Island happens to be a very popular place for lawn bowls. Unlike other clubs found in New Zealand and Australia, the greens at Norfolk Island are much more popular because they actually stay open all year. Since the climate at Norfolk Island tends to be pleasurable all year round, the islanders make the most of it by hosting various tournaments there – the World Bowls included.

Bowlers from New Zealand and Australia are all invited to visit Norfolk Island every November either as a men’s team or a women’s team to join a local team on the island, play against them or simply register for the bowling club. The Bowling Club of Norfolk Island is very friendly and well rehearsed in terms of running bowling tournaments with annual Pairs, Triples and Fours.

Every year, the unique Trans-Tasman Triples competition takes place on the greens of Norfolk Island, and a lot of people always look forward to it. This competition comes with at least five qualifying games over fifteen played ends. The semi-finals and the finals then continue later on during the week. After that, as with most other holidays, festivals, tournaments and competitions on the island; a presentation dinner is given in true Norfolk Island style.

New players can get tips and instructions from qualified professional coaches on Norfolk Island, as well, while more advanced players can take part in competitive Oceania Triples and Bounty Fours Tournaments as they see fit. All of these tournaments boast players from all over New Zealand, Australia and various other Pacific countries. This means that players can play alongside international players during the week. Of course, they can also socialize and enjoy their time on the island with them during their stay.

While it may be true that a lot of bowlers come to the island to take part in the annual tournament, a lot of people also come for a holiday at the same time. After all, Norfolk Island has something to offer everybody, no matter what his or her tastes and preferences might be like. History, nature and relaxation abound on Norfolk Island along with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They have fun tours, a lot of attractions and great places to shop in for every non-player, social bowler and competitive bowler to boot. All of these things can be enjoyed before, between or after people’s time playing on the greens.

History shows that the free settlers and the Military of Norfolk Island played Bowls during the second settlement. By the 1930s, Queen Victoria Park was established – the place that is known as the Bowling Club today. This park contained bowling greens, croquet lawns and tennis courts amongst other things and was known as the Victoria Park Bowling Club for quite a long time.

The name of the club was changed to the Norfolk Island Bowling Club after World War II. Norfolk Island also takes part in Lawn Bowls at Commonwealth Games, Asia Pacific Games, South Pacific Games and World Championships.

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