Norfolk Island Tourism Awards

by Norfolk Island Escapes

Every November, Norfolk Island gives out Tourism Awards in one annual tourism industry event. During this event, every tourism business on the island is taken into consideration for various category awards.

Some of these categories are Environment, History and Heritage; Tours and Activities; Marketing and Promotion; Festival or Event; Food and Beverage – Casual Dining; Food and Beverage – Formal Dining; Accommodation to 10 Units; Accommodation 11 to 35 Units; Accommodation 35+ Units; Retail; New Business or New Owner; Tourism Support Services; and Transport Services.

An award is also given for the Norfolk Island Tourism Champion, which goes to the business that has contributed the most to the industry on the island, in general. Various other awards are also presented, such as Innovation of the Year and induction to the Tourism Hall of Fame.

Norfolk Island’s tourism department actually started up these awards because they wanted to encourage better standards in all of their establishments. They have clearly succeeded since more than 40 businesses submit their entries for these Tourism Awards.

These awards also exist because Norfolk Island wanted tourism to be recognized as their main export earner, though. It looks like it works for them, though. More than 34,000 people – mostly New Zealanders and Australians – visit the island every year and the government now has a great tourism strategy in place with the hopes of attracting 50,000 people per year.

The judges for the Norfolk Island Tourism Awards do not just award points for the excellence of a business in terms of their operations, though. They also assess how every candidate works with the government’s tourism strategy in order to attract more people to the island.

Independent judges are usually flown to Norfolk Island for the Tourism Awards. Some judges are flown in from the main tourism markets of New Zealand and Australia, which proved to be very important in helping the island flourish as the ultimate holiday destination for all.

Without a doubt, Norfolk Island is a great place for anybody to be, though. Aside from all of the great restaurants to eat in and the great hotels to stay in, the natural environment of the island itself is enough to attract anybody who wants to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, if even just for a while.

In 2007, the fine dining restaurant Dino’s at Bumboras won the inaugural awards for Excellence in Tourism. This charming Norfolk Pine farmhouse was built in the 1880s and has been growing its own produce ever since then. The restaurant specializes in modern dishes that have an Italian twist.

In 2010, the Norfolk Island Museum won the gold award in the Environment, History and Heritage Category. This was great news for the museum since they worked very hard that year to improve their tours, displays, customer service and overall advertising for the museum. During that time, the amount of tourists going to the island had actually dwindled, but the museum was still able to increase their ticket sales, proving that they definitely deserved the award that year.

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