Veterans Tennis Tournament

by Norfolk Island Escapes

Veterans Tennis tournament at Norfolk Island lasts for four days on a synthetic grass court and is open to all players in their 40s and above. Every year, Norfolk Island’s Veterans Tennis tournament attracts a lot of loyal and repeat visitors who come back to defend either their own title or that of their country. The conditions at this tournament are great and the club’s hospitality is bar none.

What makes this tournament all the more attractive, though, is the fact that the mix of players is very unique. Plus, you can enjoy a holiday on the stunning island at the same time and meet a lot of new people both on the court and off it during your spare time. After all, you probably won’t join every single tournament during the week. This will give you a lot of time to socialize and enjoy the rest of what Norfolk Island has to offer.

This four-day Veterans Tennis tournament runs in April, typically from a Tuesday to a Friday. The tournament championships consist of Ladies Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. There are four age divisions in total: the 40s division, for people aged 40 to 49; the 50s division, for people aged 50 to 59; the 60s division, for people aged 60 to 69; and the 70s division, for people aged 70 and above.

Couples who plan on joining but are in different age group divisions will need to play in whichever division the younger participant is in. Either way, everybody should get ready to play in three matches a day, each of which will have three tiebreaker sets. In case there aren’t enough entries in an event, Round Robin formats might be followed instead.

On Thursday night, the team challenges include themed courts decorated with balloons and national flags where the Australian, New Zealander and Norfolk players then battle it out.

The entire week is dedicated to socializing, though. It starts with the local club inviting visitors to a welcome function and presentation dinner, after which drinks are served at the clubhouse veranda every day after the games.

Regardless of where you decide to stay in Norfolk Island, you are sure to love the wonderful landscapes found all around it. The sub-tropical gardens are majestic and there are colorful flowers, scrubs and trees practically everywhere. Aside from this, the village setting of the island also provides both privacy and tranquility for whenever you just want to relax and take it easy before, in-between and after the daily games.

You can even visit historical sites, such as Cascade, Kingston and Longridge during your spare time if you want. There you will find famous convict buildings, golf courses, gorgeous beaches, the famous Melanesian Chapel, and other local lifestyle areas. Scenic views and spots can be found all over the island, as well. Of course, you can also relax and enjoy some delicious dining at your choice of gardens or island homes. The choice is yours.

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