Norfolk Island Triathlon

by Norfolk Island Escapes

The triathlon at Norfolk Island is an annual event that just keeps getting bigger and better by the year. In this triathlon, either individuals or teams can compete in the swim, bike and run event. The event happens every April.

Generally speaking, Norfolk Island is a great place to be. Some of the best training camps used to be located on the island back in the days of the Tooheys Blue, for example. However, being able to swim in Emily Bay – one of the most gorgeous and one of the safest places to swim – is an experience that really shouldn’t be missed.

The annual Norfolk Island Triathlon offers a short course and a long course for people of every age. Because of the accuracy typically needed for events like this, the closest possible times need to be entered upon registration. The run and bike courses are mostly done on flat terrains. However, it has to be noted that some of the climbs that need to be done on the bike can get quite steep, as well; so it would be important to prepare beforehand. Free babysitting is also usually available at the triathlon grounds.

Ideally, it would be best to pick up the race packets before the actual triathlon happens, though, so make sure you book a bit early if you are planning to go there to join the event. In fact, it would be a great idea to go there as early as possible, so you can enjoy the other things that the island has to offer before the triathlon event itself. However, if this simply isn’t possible, then you can pick up your race packet on the morning of the actual race itself. You will, however, have to print out your entry confirmation and bring it with you when picking up your packet. Conversely, you can also make other arrangements as necessary with the organizers, though.

For the triathlon proper, participants will need to follow the same rules as with other triathlons. As mentioned earlier, though, the triathlon at Norfolk Island is a bit more different than the rest. It is great to join in order to either compete or to merely experience it while you are in the area. If you decide to go on a trip to Norfolk Island in April, for instance, then just add the triathlon to your itinerary. This will instantly give you bragging rights when you go back home, no matter what position you place in.

What makes this triathlon so attractive to triathletes, in general, though, is the fact that the natural environment isn’t just conducive to triathlons; but is also downright gorgeous to look at overall. The crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and the stunning landscapes are great for triathletes to battle it out, as well. Locals aren’t the only ones who can join this event, either. Visitors from all over the world may also come to compete, whether merely for the experience itself or to truly compete for glory.

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