Hardys Pro-Am Golf Classic

by Norfolk Island Escapes

Without a doubt, the highlight of golf year at Norfolk Island is their annual Hardys Pro-Am Golf Classic, which happens in August. This tournament involves an entire week of golf and functions where competitors can play with professionals, local competitors and international competitors.

The tournament is divided into two sections for beginners and for professionals. The beginners play 72-hole stroke or stableford events for more than $13,500 worth in prizes, while the professionals play 72-hole stroke events for $20,000. The bulk of both the daily and the final prizes for beginners will be based on stableford, but there are some major gross prizes for them, as well, since this is considered to be a major event.

Recently, six jackets have also been added as awards to winners of certain big tournament sections, as well, each one of which is represented by a different color logo. The Green Jacket is given to the Visitor 72-Hole Stableford Winner; the Silver Jacket is given to the Men’s 72-Hole Stableford Winner; the Purple Jacket is given to the Ladies 72-Hole Stableford Winner; the Red Jacket is given to the Men’s 72-Hole Gross Winner; the Blue Jacket is given to the Ladies 72-Hole Gross Winner; and the Gold Jacket is given to the Overall 72-Hole Classic Winner.

On the first day of the tournament, everybody is allowed to practice in the morning as they see fit before the week truly kicks off in the afternoon with the BC Excavations Professional Shootout. During this 9-hole knockout tournament, everybody will get the opportunity to watch professionals do their thing.

Generally speaking, not a lot of locals take part in Norfolk Island’s Hardys Pro-Am tournament. However, the ones that do get to team up with a professional who will them hit a shot for them once during the tournament to help them out. This calls for real crowd participation and is one of the highlights of the overall tournament.

That same night, a welcome party takes place at Governor’s Lodge Hotel, where players can pick up their bags, check the draw and register their overall tournament attendance. Of course, Hardys products will be available during this time along with finger food. The defending champions of the previous year will also be introduced during this time and will be asked to wear their respective jackets upon arrival.

The next four tournament rounds happen on the following days along with daily presentations at the clubhouse at night. This is when the real Norfolk Island parties begin. During the week, the entertaining Pro-Am Calcutta will also happen along with a presentation, during which time visitors will be able to bid on their choice of beginners or professionals. There will also be one bigger night where traditional local fish will be served in true Norfolk style. Without exaggeration, this is some of the best fish that you will ever taste in your life. On the last day, hundreds of people attend the two-course dinner to celebrate and to present the jackets to the new winners.

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Greg August 29, 2019 at 7:35 am

Where can I find the pro am results for everyone playing

Thanks Greg


Norfolk Island Escapes August 30, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Hi Greg,
Thanks for your email – we will reply to your enquiry shortly.
Regards, Meg


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