Art in the Park

by Norfolk Island Escapes

The Art in the Park exhibition held at Kingston, Norfolk Island, involves various artworks being placed inside the park between Slaughter Bay change sheds and Chimney Hill by the sea for a couple of weeks for people to enjoy in the month of May. This is an annual community event that continues to be very popular on the island as people of different ages and artistic levels participate and share their works with the rest of the community.

Art in the Park is much more than that, too, though. It also encourages friends, families and different educational groups to socialize and spend time creating and sharing art, in general. A lot of people complain that they do not have a lot of time to do things like this because of their busy schedules, but Art in the Park makes it a point to make it possible for the community do so as a whole.

Besides that, taking part in the Art in the Park event allows people to remember how important the little things in life can be, especially the things that most people tend to take for granted, such as friends, family, community spirit, intelligence, creativity, personal skills, and a safe and beautiful natural environment to enjoy all of that in. There are a lot of people out there whoa aren’t able to experience such blessings, after all. This is why Norfolk Island makes it a point to experience and enjoy all of these things once a year in May.

Every year, the Art in the Park houses a wide range of entries to showcase the island’s creativity. Students complete stunning class entries for it, as well – from mandalas and maraes, to gangs and yings and even to pipe-cleaner surprises and octopuses. Even the smaller children of Norfolk Island get very creative during this time, constantly making great entries that provide fun and colorful entertainment for all.

It isn’t all just about painting and drawing, either. Some individuals, families and groups actually go through the trouble to put more thought into their pieces by creating sculptures out of the most random things, resulting into end products that look nothing short of show-stopping. Ever year, there is also a “People’s Choice” award winner, which usually goes to the most creative and outstanding artwork in the park.

Without a doubt, Norfolk Island houses some of the most gorgeous created natural environments that you will ever see in the world. This may just be what brings so many creative people to the island to begin with. A lot of people have also been able to express and explore their talents and creativity through it.

As such, it really isn’t any wonder why Art in the Park is highly supported by everybody on the Island. Through the years, more and more first-time exhibitors have taken notice of the event and taken part. More and more people have taken the time to help out with the kids’ exhibits, as well. It goes without saying that the event will just keep getting stronger and bigger with time.

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