Clay Target Champs

by Norfolk Island Escapes

Clay target shooters from various countries have long been attracted to Norfolk Island, particularly because of the Clay Target Champs, which is celebrated there every year in February. Because of this, organizers of the event recommend those interested in attending the said championships to book their travels as early as possible in order to ensure that they do not miss out.

In a nutshell, the Clay Target Champs refers to a weeklong event that is filled with great people and a ton of fun and entertainment. The week usually starts off on a Sunday afternoon, during which time nominations are taken and the clubhouse and bar are opened for a welcoming feast on the island filled with fish, friends and fun.

During this week, the Clay Target Association of Norfolk Island welcomes visitors from various places on Anson Bay, which is the scenic area where the competitive shooting takes place for the week. Of course, people also socialize during this event, including the locals, the club members, and the visitors, most of whom tend to come from New Zealand and Australia.

The events during the championships include Single Barrel, Double Rise, 50 Target Skeet, Skeet Pairs, Ball Trap, Ball Trap Pairs, International Teams, High Gun, and Ladies High Gun, to name a few. As mentioned earlier, the Clay Target Champs run throughout the entire week and at the end of it, a presentation dinner is held at South Pacific Resort Hotel, one of the major sponsors of the championships.

The championships aren’t the only reason why traveling to Norfolk Island during February would be a good idea, though. Generally speaking, Norfolk Island is also a great place to go to when on a trip with friends or family since there are a lot of beaches and activities to enjoy there, most notably snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.

In case you didn’t know, Norfolk Island is quite famous for its fishing spots, as well. As a matter of fact, a lot of people claim the island to be the ultimate dream destination for fishermen. What with the 50 square NM seclusion area surrounding Norfolk Island and the strict rule against commercial fishing, the island is practically a fishing paradise for all.

There are a lot of different fish that can be caught off the island, too, including bottom fish like Trumpeters, Snappers, Gropers, Kingfish, Silver Trevallys, Wahoos, Marlins, Yellowfin Tunas and Mahi Mahis. As a matter of fact, the biggest Snappers and Silver Trevallys can be found here!

Even after fishing the pristine and crystal clear waters that the gorgeous Norfolk Island has been able to offer for years, people are still in awe of the idyllic scenery and abundant marine life that it has to offer. So, don’t miss out on the fishing experience at Norfolk Island or on the Clay Target Champs that are held there. Both are well worth your while, so why not just kill two birds with one stone by visiting Norfolk Island in February?

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