Bounty Bowls

by Norfolk Island Escapes

The Bounty Bowls in Norfolk Island started when the determined Bowling Club of the island decided they wanted to start an annual competition at a Commonwealth and International level in order to attract bowling teams from all over the world.

Danny Lusk organized the first Bounty Bowls tournament in 1962 along with his committee, where they invited and welcomed bowlers from both Australia and New Zealand to the island in order to start up the tournament with a blast.

Through the years, more and more people became interested in what the Bounty Bowls tournament had to offer. The tournament happens every year in May, but it has kept getting bigger and better with time. The greens get better, the facilities get better and the success of the event as a whole gets better, as well.

Since the bowling greens for this particular tournament can be found at the very center of town, you can go anywhere you want to afterwards to have some fun. You can check out various tourist accommodations, for example, grab a bite or a drink at a nearby restaurant or café, or even tour the different meeting spots in the vicinity. Generally speaking, Norfolk Island has everything that you could possibly need for both a fun bowling tournament and a great holiday, so you are sure not to run out of places to visit or things to do.

The trophy that everybody competes for is a great replica of the HMS Bounty ship, which holds special significance on Norfolk Island for the mutiny that took part on it in 1789. The trophy is made out of real silver and the individual name of each winning player is also inscribed onto the plaque on the trophy stand.

For the past few decades, the Bounty trophy has been awarded to different teams from New Zealand, Australia, Queensland, Norfolk Island and the Royal NSW Bowling Association. Great cash prizes are also awarded to those who win on the greens. Either way, though, everybody ends up a winner after enjoying a week on Norfolk Island.

In the beginning, the Bounty Bowls tournament only included Men’s Fours, but now Ladies’ Fours have been added onto the roster of the Bebe Christian Memorial Trophy, as well. 2013 marked the first year, in which teams were allowed to be Men’s, Women’s or Mixed.

Regardless of which division you choose to join, you are sure to enjoy it at Norfolk Island. Plus, unlike in other clubs around the world, the greens at Norfolk Island actually stay open all year round. This means that you can come back anytime that you want and join any of their other tournaments throughout the year.


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noel cullen September 6, 2015 at 11:20 am

plse advise where I can view details of the bounty fours event….ie format nmbr of days play…how many ends…..entry sheet tks noel


Norfolk Island Escapes September 16, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Date: Monday 2nd May 2016 – Friday 6th May 2016
Time: during day
At Bowling Club
Norfolk Island is a popular lawn bowls destination, unlike some clubs in Australia and New Zealand the Norfolk greens remain open all year round. Norfolk Island makes the most of the climate by hosting tournaments throughout the year including their most popular tournament in May. Of all events it’s the Bounty Bowls open fours competition (where teams can be men, women or mixed) that is well and truly stamped on the bowls calendar. 2016 will be the club’s 55th tournament.Yes bowlers come to participate in the tournament but almost as importantly they come, to enjoy a holiday and the many visitor experiences Norfolk Island has to offer. Tours, shopping and attractions are slotted in between or after their time on the greens.
Please advise (with travel details) if you wish to receive a quotation of costs for a package to Norfolk Island at this time.
Kind Regards, Norfolk Select.


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